Is Multi-Cloud Still Accelerating? You bet!

By Jeff Flanagan | June 7, 2018

Over the past year, we’ve discussed multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, and how organizations have been drawn to these models for more flexible cloud deployments that directly meet their needs. And according to a survey from Scalr earlier this year, that’s still the case.

Scalr’s 2018 Enterprise Cloud Management Landscape Survey, which surveyed more than 500 IT leaders at large enterprises, found that multi-cloud adoption is accelerating. In fact, over 75 percent of enterprises are either currently using or evaluating a cloud management platform to balance the complex needs of multiple enterprise groups and create secure, cost-effective cloud environments.

Some other key findings include:

83% of respondents are focusing on a hybrid cloud strategy. Hybrid cloud is already deployed at 32% of enterprises, whereas another 17% are about to deploy and 27 percent are evaluating doing so. 50% of enterprises ranked disaster recovery as the top reason for implementing multiple clouds 62% of enterprises ranked security as the top concern in the cloud.

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