New servers in seconds, in your own IP space

MCS offers tools and infrastructure to help any business. Whether you need to lower cost, increase capacity, be more flexible, offer new products, guarantee uptime, or improve performance, we have the right mix of products to help. Pay for what you use today, no need to blow your budget for future capacity requirements.

Most clouds require massive effort to migrate and use properly. MCS has features specifically designed to work with current infrastructure. You can upload and run OVAs natively, create a private virtual datacenter that has Layer 2 connectivity to your existing equipment over MCS Connect links, and even use your own IP space on our VMs.

Flexible configurations

Unlike some clouds, MCS does not require a ratio of CPU to RAM. Need a server with 4 vCPUs and 128 GB of RAM? Want a server with 32 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM? No problem.

A VMware Cloud Provider

The Markley Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering is a world class, scalable VMware-based infrastructure that is sure to meet your needs. All the virtual machines running in your current environment can be easily uploaded and run within our environment without changes or hassles.

Access to the vCloud API allows many of the tools you have developed in-house to work within the Markley cloud environment.

Markley is a member of the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP).

Real support from real human beings

Call our support line and talk directly with our tech support staff. Avoid tiresome phone trees, and don't depend on web forums and searches to figure out your problems.

Free bandwidth over MCS Connect

Markley Cloud lets you push and pull as much bandwidth over MCS Connect as you like with no additional fees. We do not believe you should be charged to access your own data.

The resources you need when you need them

MCS takes the worry and hassle out of upgrades, maintenance, redundancy, and capacity off your plate. Unplanned projects are a few seconds away from being provisioned. And trying to predict how much capacity you will need next year or even three years out is a thing of the past.

MCS is based on VMware, providing the most popular and proven virtualization technology on the planet. If you have VMware in your environment, simply upload to MCS and it will just work.

No set ratio of CPU, RAM, Disk on virtual machines

Upload existing OVAs and they will just work

Layer 2 or Layer 3 MCS Connect, without data transfer charges

Public, private, and hybrid are all available

Real support from human beings

Ask the Experts

Nathan Burlak | Director of Information Technology | Boston Ballet

"We run a complex IT environment and there is a lot at stake for our systems to be down due to an outage. With the Markley Cloud, Boston Ballet is able to focus on our artistic mission, confident that our IT infrastructure is always on and accessible."

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