Out-of-Band Connectivity

Ditch the Dial-up

Even in this day and age, many companies attach a dial-up modem to their equipment for emergency access. Markley offers free gigabit speed out-of-band connectivity for any colocation customer on the same diverse, redundant network that provides access for our Markley Cloud customers.

Customers receive a gigabit port with the first 2 Mbps (on 95th percentile) waived. If you run into a problem where you need to use the full gigabit, no problem. There is no long term commitment to sign, you only get charged when you use it. You don't even have to call. When an emergency happens, the connection is ready for your use.

Be ready for emergencies, or use it to make your life easier

When your network goes down, having out-of-band connectivity is critical. Depending on dial-up can significantly increase downtime if engineers cannot upload patches or have to wait for logs to download. With a gigabit link available, your engineers can do whatever they need, as fast as they need to.

Because the link is always on with 2 Mbps waived, it is perfect for things like SNMP or other external monitoring. And because the bandwidth is measured on the 95th percentile, you can use the full gigabit of bandwidth for 36 hours per month without incurring any charge.

One more reason Markley is the best location for your critical infrastructure.

  • Gigabit speed
  • First 2 Mbps (95th percentile) waived
  • No long term commitment
  • Use 36 hours / month without charge
  • Bandwidth always available, no need to open a ticket
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