Meet @ Markley Recap – Wicked Bandwidth and Direct Cloud Connections

Posted on March 05, 2015 by Jeff Flanagan

By Jeff Flanagan

Last month we hosted a new, local Internet Service Provider offering fast and affordable fiber-based internet, Wicked Bandwidth, at our monthly Meet @ Markley series. If you weren’t able to attend, it was a great session and very informative – it is incredible how many companies are truly struggling with connectivity, especially when you consider the options available to them now.

The cloud makes the lives of many companies much easier – it’s elastic, convenient and cost effective. However, for organizations leveraging cloud services, the transfer and availability to mission-critical applications and data is far too important for connectivity to ever be a problem. And as more of these businesses implement cloud-based services, it’s critical that they have the right bandwidth to ensure maximum ROI of said cloud offerings.

At this session, Wicked Bandwidth discussed what a direct connection to the cloud is, why it’s important and the advantages organizations of all sizes can gain. This information was useful for attendees to hear – but what was most surprising and important was the data and facts woven into their presentation to support the case for fiber connections. Did you know, according to a survey of SMBs by PC World, 87 percent of businesses are operating in the cloud? Further, 43 percent of those wish they had adopted cloud sooner.

Wicked Bandwidth and other internet service providers that we work with are committed to making those cloud experiences positive ones. What makes a cloud experience great? A highly resilient infrastructure, interoperability, maximum flexibility, security, and high capacity & low latency connections, or direct connects.

From the beginning, Markley Group has been a believer in the power of direct connects, and offers MCS Direct (Markley Cloud Services) to the many clients pursuing hybrid cloud services at One Summer. With MCS Direct, clients connect their physical infrastructure directly to Markley’s cloud via fiber, eliminating latency issues as well as security concerns since data is not exposed to public networks. In addition to making sure that our clients have access to both colocation space and services and hybrid cloud/infrastructure as a service capabilities, we also created the Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX) to further that internet exchange and IP peering partner relationships.

BOSIX helps our clients and partners to optimize network performance and reduce latency and costs by eliminating network hops and bypassing intermediary networks. It helps us better support the rapidly increasing flow of internet traffic in the region driven by the growing number of ISPs like Wicked Bandwidth, and other content delivery service providers and clients in the financial, healthcare, academic, government, media, entertainment, science and technology industries in Boston.

When companies leverage an internet service provider like Wicked Bandwidth, they get 100 percent fiber from their office building to One Summer Street. The bandwidth capability is flexible, meaning it grows as it’s needed, with low latency design, and over a secure, private network. For some of the newly developed areas in the city, such as the Seaport, which was once an industrial area re-developed for office space, the network infrastructure does not always keep up with the pace of development and innovation.

ISPs like Wicked Bandwidth are innovating and offering alternatives to the growing businesses in this area, and we are happy to be a part of that development.

If you were at last week’s Meet @ Markley, what did you think? Will you consider fiber direct connects for your cloud services strategy? If you would like to stay informed about our future Meet @ Markley events, keep an eye out on our blog, Twitter and Facebook for updates, or email to join our mailing list.