Join Us For A Discussion on Direct Connections To The Cloud

Posted on February 18, 2015 by Paul Andrews

Do you remember how organizations operated before the advent of the Internet? Many of today’s business leaders would rather not relive those days, as the service has become a key success factor across almost every industry and operation. But there are still organizations that struggle with connectivity, making it difficult to access critical data, applications, phone service and more when it’s needed most. That’s where fiber-based Internet comes in. As more and more businesses adopt cloud-based services, it’s incredibly important that they have the right bandwidth to power those applications and reap the full value of cloud offerings.

This Thursday, February 19, Markley Group will be hosting the next edition of our Meet@Markley events, featuring Michael Murphy, Steve McCarthy and Mike Spieldenner from Wicked Bandwidth, an Internet Service Provider offering fast and affordable fiber-based internet. At the event, they’ll be discussing direct connections to cloud environments – including what a direct connection to the cloud is, why it’s important and the advantages organizations of all sizes can gain.

The presentation will include a discussion around some of the common challenges being faced by high-growth areas, such as Boston’s Seaport District, and will offer advice on how to recognize bandwidth issues when an area is being rapidly developed. Attendees will also hear about actionable solutions for overcoming these concerns and how a direct connection to the cloud can ensure their businesses are operating at the fullest potential.

To learn more about how direct connections to cloud environments can improve business operations, plan on joining at 12 noon at One Summer Street this Thursday us for a presentation and Q&A. To learn more or RSVP for the event, call us at 617-451-6464 or email us at

Hope to see you there!