Join Solarflare at our Next Meet @ Markley on Thursday December 3

Posted on November 16, 2015 by Paul Andrews

This event has been postponed, stay tuned for a new date in 2016!

With the recent data breaches at CVS Pharmacy, Experian, Sony and many others, it is no surprise cybersecurity remains top-of-mind. While companies say they know the importance of security and of building in strong protections for all company and customer information, many aren’t sure how to do it.

Despite installing routers, firewalls and a defense against DDoS system, viruses and malware still make it through. If you fall victim and your network is compromised – leading to the loss of customer data – it can be a very difficult and expensive recovery. The costs of both investing in new technology to fix the problem and working to win back customer trust can bankrupt a company.

At the upcoming Meet @ Markley event at noon on Thursday, December 3rd, join Ron Miller, Director of Technical Marketing, Security Services at application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware provider Solarflare, as he discusses why you need to do more to protect your company. He will share an overview of several approaches, sharing why companies need to think outside of the "security box" and do more than just adopt prevention software.

Join us at Markley Group’s One Summer Street offices on Thursday, December 3rd as Ron addresses this problem and offers examples of how filtering, blocking and parsing intelligence can operate in user space, in the kernel driver or in the hardware subsystems itself – helping to increase the predictability and performance of the services under attack.

Lunch will be provided and they’ll be time for a short Q&A with Ron following the discussion.

To reserve your seat today free of charge, please RSVP here.