November Meet @ Markley Recap: Toleration and Integration

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Adam Burnham

This past Wednesday (November 13) we hosted the latest edition of our Meet@Markley series, this time focusing on managed services and the role they play in helping companies take full advantage of the cloud.

We would like to thank Joshua Dinneen and Jeff Boardman of Corporate IT Solutions for taking the reins this week and leading the session. They discussed the pressure to do more with less combined with demands for increased support, faster time to market and the ability to change quickly, and how all of this has taken many organizations’ eyes away from building business value and innovation. They also shared examples of how successful IT organizations are finding the right balance between a mix of internal resources, external resources, tools and processes to automate service delivery within IT that drive business innovation.

There was lively conversation around public vs. private cloud-based email systems as well as the best practices for testing your DR procedures. Some companies have compliance requirements which force them to test their DR but, as we noted during the debate, IT professionals from all industries are interested in how to properly test their DR.

It was one of the best turnouts we’ve had since we began the Meet@Markley series and we would like to thank everyone who attended, asked questions and shared their experiences.