Why Colo?

Posted by July 19, 2013 by Paul Andrews
When IT decision makers asses their ongoing IT strategy, they often end up reviewing several potential changes – all purported to improve efficiencies, lower costs and make their organization run.
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The Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Posted by June 18, 2013 by Jeff Flanagan
I just returned from a conference that was recently held in New Orleans, LA. All in all, it was an excellent show featuring information on the latest advanced networking techniques and applications,.
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The Colocation Checklist

Posted by May 28, 2013 by Mark Sullivan
We’ve talked a little about the growing trend of colocation in this space and how it provides a way for companies to optimize their IT departments, getting the benefits of the latest equipment,.
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Rent vs. Build

Posted by May 15, 2013 by Mark Sullivan
Years ago it was standard for companies to own and operate their own data centers. However, in recent years a number of factors have made businesses think twice about whether they need, or even want,.
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Healthcare Cannot Have Downtime

Posted by April 23, 2013 by Chris Kenney
In recent years, there have been several initiatives, regulations and requirements undertaken in the healthcare business to move all levels of the industry – from the biggest hospitals to the.
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