Maximizing Enterprise Data Value While Mitigating Risk: A Perspective from Veeam

Posted by April 17, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
As a trusted Markley partner, we value the opinion of Veeam’s leadership team. In this week’s blog, we explore what Veeam vice president of product strategy, Danny Allan, has to say about the key.
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Opening Day 2019!  Enter to Win Red Sox Tickets!

Posted by April 09, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
In a sure sign that Spring is near, the World Champion Red Sox return to Fenway Park today for Opening Day 2019.    At Markley, we are naturally fond of the Red Sox, not only as one of our favorite.
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Data Center Complexities – What to Know Before you Start your Own Build

Posted by April 08, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
When it comes to core data center infrastructure, at some point every organization faces the same question, “To build or not to build?” In addition to considering your specific business needs.
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Achieve Offsite Data Protection with Markley Cloud Backup, Powered by Veeam Cloud Connect

Posted by April 03, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
Here at Markley, we’re proud to provide customers with the most advanced, reliable and secure enterprise data center and cloud solutions. Our Markley Cloud Backup, Powered by Veeam Cloud Connect is.
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Think You Want To Build Your Own Data Center? Think Again!

Posted by March 20, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
The construction of data centers by colocation companies has been accelerating across the globe, as more and more organizations recognize the benefits a third-party data center provides. This is.
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