Bridgewater State

Achieves Dedicated Connectivity & 50% Internet Savings with Markley

The Problem

The overarching priority of Bridgewater State University (BSU) is student success. Providing a technically rich academic environment and achieving cost efficiency in IT practices are directly linked to that success. For a state university, every dollar counts. BSU was in a unique position to enhance efficiency as it held its own dark fiber running from its main campus in Bridgewater, following the MBTA tracks into Boston.

BSU also faced challenges with its aging on-campus data centers. For example, its primary data center was on the ground floor with overhead HVAC pipes, at risk of condensation and water leaks that caused concerns and costly investment to mitigate that risk.


Steve Zuromski | CIO, VP of IT | BSU

“With our dark fiber running into Boston adjacent to Markley, we made it our goal to pull it into our own cabinet at Markley.  We knew that if we could enable our own transport to Markley, we could dramatically save on our Internet costs and mitigate unnecessary risk in our IT operations by vacating our aging data centers.”