Vyasa Analytics

Reduces Deep Learning Costs with
Markley World-Class Infrastructure and Expertise

The Challenge

As a deep learning software and analytics company, Vyasa’s demands for computing power are much higher than the average organization. 

Embracing the cloud for flexibility and scalability would mean running all of its high-compute R&D activities on machines it didn’t own, producing an unpredictable monthly stream of costly bills. Alternatively, going with a hybrid architecture, they would be required to invest in their own hardware, as well as to find a location to store, run and manage the systems infrastructure. 

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Christopher Bouton | CEO | Vyasa

“The Markley team genuinely cares about its clients — you truly have a partner in what you’re trying to achieve. Because Vyasa is working in an advanced space with cutting edge technologies, Markley has become a true extension of our team, in a place and time where we could really use that help. It would be easy to mistake a data center for a big room with lots of wires and computers in it, but really, the heart of Markley is its team of people.”


The Solution

With Markley, Vyasa has the secure, reliable lab infrastructure they need to innovate and advance what’s possible. “Doing that on our own systems at Markley versus in the cloud provides us with much greater control over our resources and the ability to iterate on our algorithms and data sets more quickly without incurring more expense," Bouton said.

Now, the Vyasa development lab is housed in the Markley data center with 2N uninterruptible power and cooling, with high performance Direct Internet Access (DIA) connectivity back to its corporate headquarters. Their direct relationship with Markley provides access to Markley’s technical teams for support and expertise across high performance computing, networking services, expansion of racks, additions of new hardware and more.


Christopher Bouton | CEO | Vyasa

“With Markley, we get a world-class data center for our computing infrastructure, high performance connectivity, as well as a world-class team of experts who help us with networking services, expansion of racks, additions of new hardware to our system, and more.”

Customer Profile
  • Company
  • Vyasa Analytics
  • Location
  • Boston, MA, Minneapolis, MN,
    San Francisco, CA
  • Industry
  • Deep learning software and analytics
  • Website
  • www.vyasa.com
Business Need
  • A flexible R&D Lab environment for data analytics systems
  • Secure hybrid cloud and network architecture
  • Colocation space at Markley One Summer Street
  • Markley Network Services - 1Gbit DIA Circuit with 100% SLA

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Secure and reliable IT environment with high performance connectivity

Access to Markley’s
team of experts

Significantly reduced cost, compared to cloud-only infrastructure

The Results

With its lab housed at Markley, Christopher is confident that Vyasa has been able to reduce its compute costs to levels they’d never otherwise see by committing to a cloud-only approach. Vyasa can continuously run R&D projects on its in-house systems for what quickly has become a more economical solution, even on relatively expensive machines.

For example, with help from their inclusion in the MassDevelopment Emerging Technology Fund, Vyasa recently purchased an NVIDIA® DGX-1™, a six-figure, high performance deep learning server. By hosting it at Markley, Vyasa has fully recouped its hardware investment in less than a year, as compared to running a similar level of computing infrastructure in the public cloud.


Christopher Bouton | CEO | Vyasa

“Working with Markley has fundamentally changed how we function financially. We were able to fully recoup our investments in hardware in less than a year, as compared to running a similar level of computing infrastructure in the public cloud. This allows us to more rapidly expand in other areas.”


Vyasa Analytics provides deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Their deep learning A.I. software portfolio includes Layar, its secure, highly scalable data fabric platform, Synapse, its SaaS-based tabular data analytics application, and Cortex, its deep learning powered-image analytics application. Organizations use Vyasa technologies to build dynamic deep learning data fabric ecosystems that enable the identification of trends and patterns across enterprise data sources to gain insights and drive better decision making.


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