Vyasa Analytics

Reduces Deep Learning Costs with
Markley World-Class Infrastructure and Expertise

The Challenge

As a deep learning software and analytics company, Vyasa’s demands for computing power are much higher than the average organization. 

Embracing the cloud for flexibility and scalability would mean running all of its high-compute R&D activities on machines it didn’t own, producing an unpredictable monthly stream of costly bills. Alternatively, going with a hybrid architecture, they would be required to invest in their own hardware, as well as to find a location to store, run and manage the systems infrastructure. 

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Christopher Bouton | CEO | Vyasa

“The  Markley team genuinely cares about its clients -- you truly have a partner in what you’re trying to achieve. Because Vyasa is working in an advanced space with cutting edge technologies, Markley has become a true extension of our team, in a place and time where we could really use that help. It would be easy to mistake a data center for a big room with lots of wires and computers in it, but really, the heart of Markley is its team of people.”