Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ensure your services are always up, no matter what

Business does not stop, and your cloud resources should not either. When your application hits a bug and crashes, or an update goes awry and takes out your web server, we have you covered. MCS can spin up additional resources in the same data center or geographically disparate locations, move DNS records to point to the new servers, and handle all traffic changes automatically.

With Markley Cloud's Disaster Recovery as a Service, your critical infrastructure will remain operational no matter the circumstances.

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Reliability for your cloud servers, and your on-premise servers

MCS can provide DR services for servers in Markley Cloud, or in your office and colocation environments.

MCS uses Zerto's hypervisor-based replication, eliminating the need for software on the guest OS. Simply choose the virtual machines your business deems critical, and MCS will replicate them to another part of the country. During your quarterly failover testing, Zerto allows you to bring the replicated VMs up with no effect on the production environment. And MCS will give you the RAM, CPU, and network to do this without added expense.

Replicate entire virtual datacenters, or only the critical VMs

No agents to install on cloud servers

RPOs can be measured in seconds

Perform test failovers for compliance and peace of mind - for free on MCS

Do not buy twice as much equipment


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Bill Suarez

“Data protection and disaster recovery are two of the more logical projects for any hybrid cloud strategy. Cloud-based backup targets and DR sites, as well as dedicated, high bandwidth connectivity between our regional data centers, ensure our ability to stand up our entire IT infrastructure in a matter of hours if something bad were to happen.”

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