Object Storage Cloud

No Hassle, Low-Cost Storage without the Hidden Costs


Extend Your Data Center into the Markley Cloud

Our simple capacity-based pricing ensures that you can anticipate your monthly costs without paying exorbitant access charges. And with a variety of unmetered networking options, plus our competitive carrier ecosystem, bandwidth costs are also minimized. Markley Object Storage Cloud employs our mission-critical facilities, robust connectivity, enterprise-quality engineering, and world-class support to ensure your data is available where and when you need it.

Securely host your object storage at Markley

Highly reliable, SOC 1/ SOC 2 compliant, with enterprise SLAs


Unlimited scalability

Seamlessly expand from terabyte to exabyte scale, as your needs grow

No data access, egress, or API charges

Pay only for data on disk, not for GET’s, PUT’s, and LIST’s


Unmetered connectivity to your data center

Push and pull as much data as you like at no additional charge

Secure & Scale Your Data in the Cloud

Given its scale, accessibility, and flexible cost model, the Markley Object Storage Cloud is the natural destination for your unstructured data growth.


Get personalized support from a real human.


Always available, always protected

Erasure encoding, checksums, and geo-replicated data copies (optional), plus underlying system and network redundancy, protect against data loss and disruption.

End-to-end data security

Protect your objects with authenticated access and encryption in transit via TLS. Use your own encryption keys to protect data-at-rest by namespace, bucket, or object.

Data preservation and compliance

Meets SEC Rule 17a-4(f), CFTC Rule 1.31(b)-(c), and FINRA Rule 4511 for long-term, immutable, verifiable storage requirements.

Enhanced features for Dell EMC platforms

Integrated support of Data Domain, Isilon, Networker and block storage arrays with no additional license fees!


Effectively meet your data storage needs


Backup, recovery, & archiving

Content management

Tiered storage

Big data analytics

Cloud-native applications

Markley Object Storage Cloud

Compatibility Supported Protocols: S3, SWIFT, and HDFS.

Additional qualification is performed by a variety of software vendors including DellEMC, Veritas, Commvault, Veeam, IBM, Oracle, OpenText, Splunk, Hadoop, Nasuni, and others. Contact Markley for more details.
Networking Internet-accessible or choose a bandwidth supplier from over 100 Markley telecom carriers. Access from your on-premise data center may increase your local WAN/Internet bandwidth costs.

From your Markley-colocated data center, access through a redundant 1 or 10 Gbps cross-connect.

Directly accessible from Markley Cloud virtual data centers and Markley Native AWS Direct Connect.
Configuration Options Objects may be replicated to a remote Object Storage Cloud PoP for added data protection. Customers incur the cost of storage at the destination site. Replication is performed over the Markley WAN at no additional cost.

The Object Storage Cloud is a secure, multi-tenant resource. Private instances of the Object Storage Cloud are available; contact Markley for details.
Availability Available at all Markley Cloud PoPs.
Billing Billed monthly on actual usage on a per GB basis, subject to minimum capacity commitments. Capacity and multi-year term incentives are available.

The service includes provisioning and monitoring of system and network access availability. Additional consulting or engineering services may incur additional charges.
Support 24x7 Enterprise Support via phone, e-mail, and an online portal. Free onboarding and set up. Enterprise SLA includes penalties for non-performance.

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