Backup as a Service, Powered by Commvault

When you need to backup more than files

Today's IT environments are complex, and your backup solution has to keep pace. To that end, Markley Cloud Services (MCS) has partnered with Commvault to provide Simpana to our customers. Whether you are backing up a database, protecting against ransomware, or managing eDiscovery, Simpana has you covered.

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Markley Cloud's most robust backup option

Whether backing up structured or unstructured data, Simpana has you covered. It offers application-aware backups for an amazing number of popular products. This allows customers more flexibility in their backup and, more importantly, recovery options.

Alternatively, you can simply backup entire virtual machines, and still have the ability to pick out individual files on a moment's notice.

256-bit end-to-end encryption to fully protect and isolate client data

Quick access to self-service web portal for easy and quick support interaction

Works on any system, virtualized or physical


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