Unlimited storage for today's backup needs

Any serious business is backing up their data today. But any serious business is also finding its data requirements growing far beyond expectations.

Markley Cloud provides a secure, cost-effective, unlimited storage pool for your backup needs. Whatever software you use today is almost certainly certified for use with one of our storage products.

Use Markley Cloud's Object Storage to support growth and replication requirements

Markley Cloud Services (MCS) handles backups for a wide variety of customers in several industries. The storage systems supporting our backup products are some of the most scalable and reliable in the industry.

As part of our mission to ease the lives of as many customers as possible, we have made those storage systems available to all customers, whether they use Markley Backup-as-a-Service products or not.

Whatever your backup requirements are, MCS can store as much data as you have and keep it as safe as possible.

  • Pay as you go - no need to buy for next three years now
  • Works with almost any modern backup product
  • Multiple locations so your data is always safe
  • Keep data secure with MCS Connect
  • No charge for data transmitted over MCS Connect
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“The shortest path to breakthroughs in medicine is to put the very best technologies in the hands of the researchers, on their own schedule. Combining the strengths of Cray and Markley into supercomputing-as-a-service does exactly that.”

Chris Dwan, former director of research computing, Broad Institute and the New York Genome Center