Backup Storage Targets

Unlimited storage for today's backup needs

Given its scale, accessibility, and flexible cost model, the Markley Object Storage Cloud is the natural destination for your offsite backup and archive targets.

Anticipate your monthly costs without paying exorbitant access charges with our simple capacity-based pricing. And with a variety of unmetered networking options, plus our competitive carrier ecosystem, bandwidth costs are also minimized.

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Meet your backup, compliance, and archive requirements

Make the Markley Object Storage Cloud a key component of your backup and archiving strategy. Rest easily knowing your backup copies are housed in our secure, mission-critical facilities with Markley quality service and support. With the Markley Cloud always online and available, recovery of your data is a snap.

Pay as you go - no need to buy for next three years now

S3-compliant storage works with your in-house backup product

Geo-distributed cloud storage locations keeps your data safe

Unmetered data access, no egress charges and no API fees


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