Big Data

As a trusted Markley partner, we value the opinion of Veeam’s leadership team. In this week’s blog, we explore what Veeam vice president of product strategy, Danny Allan, has to say about the key challenges for enterprise data on the road ahead.
As everyone in the data center or colocation business knows, downtime can be costly – in terms of both money and customer loyalty. And as computing infrastructure becomes more interconnected, whether it is because of edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) or other factors, the cost of downtime is only going to rise.
The AI in Healthcare Executive Forum was an overwhelming success with a great range of attendees from students to C-Level executives networking and contributing to the discussions. People wanted to hear and learn from what others are doing in the field along with scientific examples.
Join Markley and NVIDIA on July 25, alongside local healthcare organizations and experts, to discuss how to apply deep learning in clinical settings, share ways to use your data to build intelligent tools that aid physicians and review best practices for getting started on new AI projects.
The phrase “data is the new oil” is not new at all, but with continued advancements in digital transformation impacting the way businesses and consumers interact with one another, organizations are using more oil than ever to reach optimal engine performance.
Markley has participated in numerous Boston CIO events over the years. We hosted an exclusive member gathering focused on big data and analytics.