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The Boston Internet Exchange by Markley is New England’s ultimate hub for creating and developing IP peering partner relationships. Data center customers and the 80+ domestic and international network providers located at Markley’s One Summer Street, Boston facility interconnect with one another across a Carrier-Class switching fabric. Equipped with Carrier- Class gear from Juniper and offering 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s connections for both IPv4 and IPv6, the Boston Internet Exchange is designed to optimize network performance and reduce latency and costs by eliminating network hops and bypassing intermediary networks.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Service Providers (CDSPs) and leading financial, healthcare, academic, government, media, entertainment, science and technology firms are able to harness the Boston Internet Exchange proficiencies to lower overall IP transit costs and allow for the most efficient exchange of traffic.

With over 80 distinct on-net network providers, Markley’s 920,000ft2 Mission-Critical One Summer Street facility is the highest-density network zone in New England and the ideal location for Boston’s premier internet exchange.

The Boston Internet Exchange is one more reason why Markley’s One Summer Street facility is the ideal location for your IP PoP and enterprise WAN/LAN node in New England.

Boston Internet Exchange Participants

Boston Internet Exchange Participants

Name IP v4 IP v6 ASN
TowardEX 2001:504:24:1::6BA0:1 27552
Akamai Technologies, Inc. 2001:504:24:1::51CC:1 20940
Northern Crossroads (NoX) 2001:504:24:1::2952:1 10578
RCN 2001:504:24:1::17BF:1 6079
OCCAID 2001:504:24:1::7577:1 30071
Free Software Foundation (GNU) 2001:504:24:1::59CD:1 22989
Packet Clearing House 2001:504:24:1::F10:1 3856
Packet Clearing House 2001:504:24:1::2A:1 42
Cambridge Bandwidth Consortium 2001:504:24:1::280F:1 10255
Microsoft 2001:504:24:1::1F8B:1 8075
Vermont Telephone 2001:504:24:1::43CC:1 17356
DSCI Corporation 2001:504:24:1::83D4:1 33748
Studsvik Scandpower, Inc. 2001:504:24:1::D08D:1 53389
City of Boston 2001:504:24:1::6AEA:1 27370
Eze Castle Integration, Inc. 2001:504:24:1::397D:1 14717
Intelligent Technology Solutions 2001:504:24:1::D553:1 54611
USAi.net 2001:504:24:1::299D:1 10653
Outscale, Inc. 2001:504:24:1::D03A:1 53306
RGTS-USA, Inc. 2001:504:24:1::394D:1 14669
Routed.org 2001:504:24:1::EEC6:1 61126
G4 Communications 2001:504:24:1::287F:1 10367
Blueport Commerce 2001:504:24:1::D646:1 54854
Crocker Communications 2001:504:24:1::1EA9:1 7849
PacketSurge 2001:504:24:1::5683:1 22147
186 Communications 2001:504:24:1::F5D1:1 62929
TripAdvisor Inc. 2001:504:24:1::7E1E:1 32286
Yottaa, Inc. 2001:504:24:1::6002:B:1 393259
GTT 2001:504:24:1::CB9:1 3257
Iron Mountain 2001:504:24:1::F5E3:1 62947
Hurricane Electric 2001:504:24:1::1B1B:1 6939
Synety 2001:504:24:1::3042:5:1 32334
Netflix 2001:504:24:1::b5a:1 2906
Hearts on Fire Pending Pending
Saffron Solutions Inc. 2001:504:24:1::4BC9:1 19401
tw telecom Pending Pending Pending
Colleges of the Fenway Pending Pending
Hanover Insurance Pending Pending 12236
Novartis Pending Pending Pending
Markley Cloud Services 2001:504:24:1::6637:1 26167

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