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The Boston Internet Exchange by Markley is New England’s ultimate hub for creating and developing IP peering partner relationships. Data center customers and the 80+ domestic and international network providers located at Markley’s One Summer Street, Boston facility interconnect with one another across a Carrier-Class switching fabric. Equipped with Carrier- Class gear from Juniper and offering 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s connections for both IPv4 and IPv6, the Boston Internet Exchange is designed to optimize network performance and reduce latency and costs by eliminating network hops and bypassing intermediary networks.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Service Providers (CDSPs) and leading financial, healthcare, academic, government, media, entertainment, science and technology firms are able to harness the Boston Internet Exchange proficiencies to lower overall IP transit costs and allow for the most efficient exchange of traffic.

With over 80 distinct on-net network providers, Markley’s 920,000ft2 Mission-Critical One Summer Street facility is the highest-density network zone in New England and the ideal location for Boston’s premier internet exchange.

The Boston Internet Exchange is one more reason why Markley’s One Summer Street facility is the ideal location for your IP PoP and enterprise WAN/LAN node in New England.

Boston Internet Exchange Participants

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