W.B. Mason

Increases Network and Operational Bandwidth with Markley Connectivity & Colocation

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W.B. Mason transformed from their brick and mortar heritage to become a leading-edge logistics and e-commerce powerhouse. However, W.B. Mason’s IT department was running into a number of challenges. Mike Yarosh, VP of IT Infrastructure, knew W.B. Mason needed to strategically change their approach and find a partner he could trust to handle the underlying infrastructure and its growth.

Responsible for all IT infrastructure, Mike and his team are entrusted with making sure the business is up and running, no matter what. This includes not only managing the servers and databases but keeping the network up as well. Mike noticed that the majority of time was spent closely monitoring and limiting system usage. Too much time was spent addressing complications that resulted from HVAC systems freezing up in winter and sporadic power losses. “Simply put, we outgrew our data center and needed to expand. It was more challenging than we expected to find a partner that was able to provide reliable power and service around the clock that we were confident in.”


Mike Yarosh | VP, Infrastructure | W.B. Mason

“Any downtime, anything that prevents us from getting products out and delivered is a loss of money forever. We needed a data center provider who could ensure we’d be up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”