Partners With Markley to Build Repeatable Vendor Testing Model

The Problem

When NimbusDDOS received a request to certify a threat protection hardware appliance, CEO Andrew Shoemaker recognized he couldn't conduct the testing exclusively in their standard test environment. Their existing setup, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has worked well when testing web services and applications. Shoemaker needed to find a way to quickly expand their test environment to include both a simulated attack surface and the hardware appliance.

Creating a new solution and infrastructure on his own would be too costly and time-consuming. As Shoemaker described, “We knew we needed to be able to tie the customer’s equipment into our testing infrastructure but couldn’t justify building a costly new deployment.”


Fast Setup

Fast certification testing was key to NimbusDDOS and would have taken months if built in-house. Shoemaker said, "With Markley, we were able to get everything set up in less than a week.”


Launching attacks up to 10Gbps was not possible without a six-figure investment in such a short timeframe. Markley provided options for connecting to large bandwidth quickly and affordably.


“The resources and flexibility Markley provided wouldn't have been possible with a large cloud provider like AWS or Azure,” Shoemaker said on the need to alter their requirements during the project.

  • Markley Colocation
  • Markley Cloud Services - IaaS
  • Markley AWS Direct Connect

The Solution

Shoemaker recognized NimbusDDOS needed to work with a local partner that had both colocation and cloud capabilities. After reviewing qualified vendors in the Boston-area, Shoemaker selected Markley Group as the only vendor that could meet the level of customization and flexibility needed for the certification test.

Markley is New England’s first and only AWS Direct Connect location. “AWS Direct Connect at Markley made it easy for us to establish a dedicated, high bandwidth, private network connection from our space at Markley to AWS,” stated Shoemaker.


With Markley, NimbusDDOS was able to flexibly deploy a hybrid cloud solution that fully integrated key physical resources, broadband networks and public cloud resources. NimbusDDOS hosted the hardware appliance in the Markley colocation facility and directly connected to its Attack Simulation Platform with AWS Direct Connect.

Shoemaker deployed the DDoS test environment in the Markley Cloud using virtualized Linux servers as attack targets to quickly assemble all the resources needed to conduct the certification.

The Results

Markley's AWS Direct Connect connectivity, mixed with the abundance of Markley’s on-premise resources, eliminated the need for NimbusDDOS to purchase additional equipment, keeping testing costs affordable and allowing for project completion in record time.

With Markley’s flexible resources, NimbusDDOS was able to complete the testing for the defense effectiveness certification, without sacrificing the quality of the testing. NimbusDDOS ran the threat protection system through a number of DDoS attacks and found that the product could withstand all the required attack vectors.

Andy Shoemaker | CEO & Founder | NimbusDDOS

“If we had to build all new infrastructure for the testing in-house, it would have likely taken months, if not years.
With Markley, we were able to get everything set up in less than a week.”



NimbusDDOS is an industry leader in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack testing, certification and preparedness. As more companies prepare for malicious attempts to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network – otherwise known as DDoS attacks – NimbusDDOS provides the highest level of DDoS expertise to help their customers achieve the level of preparedness that their business demands. This includes everything from product certification to launching real-world DDoS attacks to prepare for potential attacks through its Attack Simulation Platform.


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