Safety NetAccess

Ensures Networks Across Leading Hotel Brands Are Up And Running With Markley

The Problem

As technology evolves, things that were once deemed impossible are now changing the hospitality industry at lightning speed. Hotels and resorts across the globe depend on Safety NetAccess to give travelers the tools and best-in-class technology they demand to be their best.

With 42% of hoteliers looking to upgrade their guest WiFi in 2019, Safety NetAccess needed a data center that could keep up with its needs — and guarantee the 24/7/365 uptime the hospitality industry demands. 

Safety NetAccess needed to find a reliable data center partner that could provide support around the clock, so that anytime a hotel guest logs on to the WiFi, they are brought to the login portal and able to access the network without any challenges. If Safety NetAccess is ever not able to facilitate that experience, millions of guests at top hotel brands would be unable to access the internet — and Safety NetAccess would be out of business.


Todd Shobert | Chief Technical Officer | Safety NetAccess

“Our previous data center didn’t have the redundancies in place to keep up with our network demand. We were quickly outgrowing it, and knew we needed a facility that was staffed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to give us the confidence we needed to run our business at scale.”