Supercomputing-as-a-Service Now at Your Organization’s Fingertips. Markley Supercomputing, by Cray.

Markley and Cray have partnered to offer the industry’s first supercomputing-as-a-service solution for organizations looking to take advantage of the benefits of a supercomputer at a more cost-effective price point.

The need for supercomputers has never been greater. As industries including life sciences, bio-pharma, aerospace, government and banking are increasingly data driven, the ability to quickly analyze complex data sets and research has become a critical competitive differentiator. Markley and Cray’s supercomputing-as-a-service allows companies to access the dedicated, powerful compute and analytic capabilities of a supercomputer, without the typical upfront capital costs or infrastructure requirements. With this powerful solution, it is now easier and more affordable for researchers, data scientists and IT executives to shorten research cycles, improve discoveries, enhance decision-making and quickly bring products to market.

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