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Markley Upgrades its Generator Fuel Oil System

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Adam Burnham

Since the beginning, Markley Group has been dedicated to setting our facilities apart from the competition. Our pledge to provide the best in industry design, construction and system operation has resulted in One Summer Street’s position as a leader in data center critical power delivery and in addition to the reliability we provide within the Summer Street facility, the site has also never lost commercial power. Fuel and generators also play a major role in that promise to our customers.

For the past several months, Markley Group has performed the first of four phases of a Generator Fuel Oil System Upgrade project.  The project will consolidate numerous specific purpose tanks into larger new tanks with state of the art controls and ancillary systems. The pump skids will incorporate redundant pumps, as well as two sources of main and control power.

Following Hurricane Sandy last year, our team has considered design upgrades that will further protect Markley and its customers against the elements. The main pump skids and electrical panels will be elevated more than 3 feet above the tank farm floor. As an additional risk mitigation measure, there will be emergency pumps mounted atop the fuel tanks, about 10 feet above the floor.  These pumps will have their own electrical and control circuits to ensure reliability, should the pumps be called upon.  The new tanks will feature enhanced structural support and improved piping distribution.  

The Fuel Oil System Upgrade is one of many infrastructure projects that are a part of Markley Groups standard of continuous improvement and we look forward to keeping you involved and updated. Any further questions? Please let us know:

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