Conquer Your Fear of Data Loss with Cloud Backup

The Impact of Data Loss

Ask yourself this, and be very honest about the answer: do you have a nagging fear of losing important company documents or your infrastructure crashing? Or worse, have you seen the blue screen of death at 8:40 pm on a Sunday and been summoned to deal with the aftermath?

It is very likely, that you or somebody you know have a horror story of data loss to share. Situations like these severely impact your business continuity and productivity. In fact, 72% of organizations are unable to protect their data frequently or reliably, according to the Veeam Availability Report , based on a survey of over 1,000 IT organizations. Further, 82% of enterprises cite inadequate recovery capabilities compared to their SLA requirements.

Even more troubling, the Veeam Availability Report research outlines a 36% increase in year-over-year incidents. Downtime and data loss cause loss of customer trust, damage brand integrity, affect employee morale and divert resources from high value projects.


The Negative Impact of Data Loss
(as shared by this percentage of Veeam Availability Report participants)

The Cost of Downtime

Not only is data loss a concern, but the fast and efficient recovery of that data can also be problematic. Recovery takes IT time and resources. Productivity of other teams and core corporate operations can also suffer when critical data become unavailable.