Recap: Meet@Markley Demo of Data Destruction Solutions

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Paul Andrews

photo 1Last Thursday, Markley Group hosted a Meet@Markley lunch where we discussed and demoed our latest data destruction solutions. Now, it’s always fun to destroy things as evidenced by our pictures below, but this hands-on session was especially well received as the need for secure end-of-life solutions to destroy sensitive data is extremely important and critical in the business world.

This is an important need for Markley’s customers and partners who are aware of our dedication to protecting their data – and now know that those same values go into the ways in which we can ensure that all their media is unusable and properly destroyed (when they want it to be).

For those that attended, we offered a demonstration of our advanced technology capable of destroying hard drives, magnetic tapes and flash memory storage. We employ an Ameri-Shredder 300HD and all items are magnetically scrambled and physically shredded. As you will see in the photos below, our stringent and compliant process makes sure that all data and equipment is responsibly recycled, making data completely irretrievable. Not only will customers see their data destructed and recycled, but we issue a certificate of destruction with optional listing of individual hard drive serial numbers for business records.

Essentially, Markley Group is now a one stop solution for protecting personal information as well as handling e-recycling needs. Not only do we pride ourselves on keeping the environment clean from waste in landfills; as an added benefit, we also recycle computers and most electronic equipment.

photo 3

For more information, or to schedule a tour of our data destruction facility, please email James Berube at