Markley Group at the 5th Annual 2013 New England Energy Efficiency Conference & Expo

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Morgan Woodruff


On Thursday, June 20, Markley Group’s Director of Design and Construction, Chris McLean, will be presenting on a panel at the New England Energy Efficiency Conference & Expo at the Intercontinental Hotel right here in Boston. The panel takes place from 1:30-2:30 p.m. EDT, and will review how to make data centers as energy efficient as possible. Other panelists include Steve Conley, the IT Director for the Boston Red Sox; Neil Raymond, Consulting Engineering Specialist - Northeast, Schneider Electric; and Jim Stark, Manager, Engineering & Construction, Electronic Environments.

The New England Energy Efficiency Conference & Expo has been a staple in the region’s energy industry for the past five years. Attendees know they will network with experts from a broad range of industries, discuss the future of energy, better understand key energy issues and learn how to leverage tools, techniques and strategies around these innovations to strengthen business. That said, the #1 reason to attend is that learning to be energy efficient is more than “just the right thing to do,” as it directly affects the bottom line of your business – and thus, how successful your company is. With that in mind, everyone should strive to understand and apply energy efficiency best practices as much as possible.

At Markley, it has been encouraging for us to see just how interested our customers are in the topic. Many have asked for our advice on being not only efficient, but environmentally friendly.

We urge you to attend Chris’ panel to learn more, as it promises to bring together several different perspectives to discuss equipment, technology and cost saving programs designed to reduce energy usage. The panel will be discussing how IT is growing and driving greater demand for energy in data centers – and how managing this demand is an essential component of success. Attendees will learn about the top energy-efficient technologies available for today’s data centers, what innovations could impact the future and the challenges of building and managing an efficient data center that handles it all with ease.

You can register for the New England Energy Efficiency Conference & Expo here. If you’d like to arrange a meet and greet with Chris while at the show, or just speak with someone offline about this exact topic, email me at and I will arrange it directly.