Markely Group at Bisnow DICE 2014

Posted on July 03, 2014 by Adam Burnham

Our very own Chris McLean was asked to participate in the 3rd annual Bisnow 2014 DICE Conference on June 26 in Arlington, VA. Billed as a national data center investment conference and expo, DICE attracts more than 500 data center real estate and facilities professionals to discuss the latest trends in data center investment, engineering and development.

Chris was on site to discuss what’s driving demand, what’s driving costs and how deals are getting put together, and had a great time networking with industry peers – data center users, managers, developers, investors, lenders, architects, engineers, contractors, power suppliers, and attorneys. Chris was joined by other data center developers – Chris Crosby, CEO, Compass Data Centers; David Tolson, CEO, DBT Holdings and Vinay Nagpal, Director, Dupont Fabros – for a roundtable panel at the conference.

In addition to participating on the panel, Chris did take note of a few trends driving discussions at the conference:

First off, end users are educating themselves on fiber entry, what true diversity means and how it differentiates from what some providers claim they offer. This is a great improvement and as the operator of The Boston Internet Exchange by Markley, we want data center customers in addition to domestic and international network providers to understand their options, and further, have the upmost expectations for their carrier hotel – creating and developing IP peering partner relationships should happen across a Carrier-Class switching fabric. Equipment used at the Boston Internet Exchange is designed to optimize network performance and reduce latency and costs by eliminating network hops and bypassing intermediary networks.

Secondly, Chris noted a huge influx in the conversations and discussions around water as a resource, even despite all of the water demands and droughts in Nevada and the West Coast. Given these challenges, in-depth discussions resulted around the reliability, availability and diversity of fiber, electric and hydro resources and entrances. One Summer Street is the intersection of all major fiber routes in New England and features eight points of entry. The key to determining which power source is best is to ensure reliability – water sources are not always reliable. Look for a centralized location to which any and all backbone networks can be delivered with unmatched performance, low latency and lowest costs.

Lastly, Chris heard many financial institutions discussing the prospect of colocation. They may not always be looking for the most innovative technology and approaches, as reliable approaches and equipment are still incredibly important.  This is promising for Markley as we house more than 200 tenants, many of them leading financial firms, to which we offer 24x7 customer support and boast absolutely no-downtime. A minimum of N+1 and up to 2N+1 infrastructure redundancy, a major electrical distribution system involving 8 independent substations and underground conduit encased in concrete, has resulted in One Summer Street never losing commercial power.

It was great to network with some of the foremost data center developers and users, and also to learn that Markley is on par with some of the most successful facilities in the nation. We look forward to joining Bisnow DICE 2015.