Lessons from Nature in Disaster Recovery

Posted on March 06, 2013 by Morgan Woodruff

One of the most anticipated presentations at tomorrow's Markley Data Center Summit 2013 is entitled “Disaster Recovery: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy.” The panel will explore how natural disasters such as last year’s Hurricane Sandy or the recent Winter Storm Nemo can wreak havoc on a company’s immediate operations and have lasting effects on your business as a whole.

We invited panelists from several different types of businesses and can’t wait to share with you their experiences with disaster recovery – and some of the best practices they have learned.

We’ve all heard the oft-quoted statistics about businesses failing after a disaster or data loss and have heard the horror stories – but what can past disasters tell us about what we need to be prepared for? What is the best way for businesses to ensure they are protected and able to stay up and running, 24-7? These panelists will offer up anecdotes and discuss some of the latest technologies and solutions being used to prepare companies for the worst.

Our panelists include:

Be sure to get a seat early; the panel starts at 3:45 on March 7th and we’re expecting a good crowd. Get your questions ready!