Easily Monitor & Manage Your IT Systems in One Place


Introducing a streamlined cloud-based digital operations management platform. You can now monitor, manage, and consolidate your IT infrastructure, point tools, and applications. You can seamlessly discover and monitor across hybrid environments, manage business-critical services, and optimize service delivery and performance through Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), automation, and integration with ITSM and DevOps tools.

48% reduction
in mean time to
detect & resolve

53% savings annually
over the cost of maintaining
siloed point tools

100% visibility
across infrastructure


At Markley, we believe our clients deserve the best in breed tools. After a thorough survey of the observability landscape, we chose the tool that offered the most comprehensive solution. Before partnering with Opsramp to offer this to our clients, we rolled the tool out internally to monitor our highly diverse and complex premier Data Center and Cloud services. Now our clients can benefit from the expertise and lessons our staff have learned from our own implementation. Let us help you roll out a comprehensive monitoring solution in weeks, not months or years.

markley OpsRamp

Empower Innovation

Reinvest the saved time and money back into more strategic business-revenue-driving initiatives. The rapid scalability of the OpsRamp platform, and its numerous integrations and simple APIs, increases the agility of your team to adopt and deliver new technologies faster.

Optimize Operations

Most of our customers have to manage thousands of IT resources. Markley’s Monitoring-as-a-Service can Drive efficiency throughout all your operations processes and improve governance and compliance of repeatable processes.

Detect & Resolve Faster

Accelerate the time it takes you to detect, identify root cause, and resolve incidents. Customizable alert trees help you optimize your Signal-to-Noise ratio, and streamline your incident resolution.

Reduce Costs

Save money by foregoing multiple legacy tools. With Markley Monitoring-as-a-Service, no upfront capital expenditure is needed. Skipping time-consuming purchase processes & hardware lead times means your Time-to-Deploy will be reduced.

Simplify Monitoring

Your many different infrastructure elements residing in hybrid environments – on-prem, private, public cloud can be transformed with a single command center. Monitor your entire IT ecosystem by having all your IT elements inventory on one console.

Improve End-User Experience

You’ll improve monitoring and resolve incidents faster, therefore improving uptime and accessibility; reducing your chances of costly downtime and poor user experience.

Service Maps

One of our favorite features are service maps. They give you a clear view of the resources supporting each one of your business services and applications.

  • Quickly identify the source of an issue with service maps;
  • See your SLA uptime and actual current status of systems in detail;
  • Gauge the health of your critical infrastructure services with dashboards

How much will you save?

We will walk you through your individual scenario through our ROI Assessment Tool and give you 1- and 5-year calculations. If you have about $60,000 in IT resources, you can save up to .75 million, adding up to 4 million over 5 years.

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Modern Infrastructure Monitoring: End-to-end visibility across applications, data centers, public clouds, point tools, and anything else you’ve got under the hood.

Intelligent Incident Management: Drive better problem identification, impact analysis, and first response for incidents with a streamlined process for proactive resolution and automated remediation that natively integrates with your ITSM tools.

Service-Centric AIOps: Clinically examine your incidents, reduce alert floods, establish a tight feedback loop between your different teams, and deliver quick resolution using OpsQ, our artificial intelligence-powered event management engine.

Cloud Migration: OpsRamp is a true multi-tenant, multi-tier SaaS platform that helps simplify the management of complex hybrid IT environments - helping you move more workloads and applications to the cloud faster.

Modern IT Operations Management: Replace your legacy tool suites and consolidate your multiple point tools with a modern, SaaS-based IT operations platform that combines artificial intelligence, hybrid infrastructure monitoring, service and topology mapping, and incident remediation, and evolves with your business.

Check Your Savings

Contact us today to walk through an ROI assessment, and see how much you could save with 1- and 5-year calculations.

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