The fastest CPUs and largest storage arrays are not useful until you connect them.

Markley has the most advanced and flexible networking options available. Whether you use cloud, colo, or both, we have the right solution for your most demanding applications.


MCS Connect

Direct access to cloud resources
MCS offers direct connectivity to your cloud resources, over Layer 2 or Layer 3. Without BGP or other routing requirement, MCS truly is an extension of your colo or on-premise infrastructure.


As a customer of Markley colocation, we offer free out-of-band connectivity. Customers receive a GigE with independent Internet access, allowing you to reach your equipment when your ISP is down.


Bandwidth between Markley sites
If you have physical resources in both Markley Boston and Markley Lowell, we can provide 1, 10, 40, and 100 gigabit lit services between sites. Service is provided over Markley-owned equipment and diverse fiber paths.

Boston IX

Region's largest Internet Exchange
The Boston IX is the largest Internet Exchange in New England. Trade traffic securely with dozens of content providers and networks, while offloading your ISP links. Markley colo customers receive a free GigE to the Boston IX.


In-building Cross Connect

Markely's One Summer Street location has two Cross-Connect Rooms, frequently called Meet-Me-Rooms. They are 100% diverse, allowing customers and carriers to guarantee no single cut or fiber failure can affect all paths.


Most carriers in the region
Markley's One Summer Street location has more carriers than all our competitors in the Boston area combined. Click below to see our list of over 90 carriers. All carriers are reachable from Lowell with our DWDM service as well.

AWS Direct Connect

AWS is just a cross-connect away

Markley's One Summer Street location is New England's first and only AWS Direct Connect POP. Simply order a cross connect from your cage and you are connected directly to Amazon. Use our DWDM to connect from Lowell as well.

cloud colocation database technology

Key Features

MCS ensures our network is redundant at every level, from the top level such as having multiple ISPs and routers for Internet connectivity, to the lowest level such as using multiple router vendors to avoid a single bug affecting our customers.

  • High bandwidth, redundant connections at every level
  • Flexible options on public, private, and VPN connectivity
  • 1000GB outbound Internet traffic included
  • No metering on MCS Connect
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 available on MCS Connect
  • Diverse fiber paths between data centers