Markley offers comprehensive public, private, and hybrid cloud, optimizing connectivity between Markley colocation and cloud services, your in-house resources, and cloud-connected platforms and solutions. 

Your cloud, your cloud partner

Markley cloud experts are fluent in the latest platforms and technologies to help you architect the data center solution that makes sense for your business today and meets your future needs.  Integrate your physical computing resources with virtualized, cloud-based infrastructure and software services for a state-of-the-art solution that aligns with your IT strategy and your IT budget.

High speed inter-connectivity 

Our world-class networking infrastructure provides flexible, secure, high-speed interconnections between both your physical and virtual assets — resulting in lower latency and faster business speed.  With nearly 100 providers supplying network services in and out of the Markley facility, plus high speed cross-connections integrating the Markley cloud, Markley colocation services, and public cloud solutions and providers (including AWS Direct Connect), Markley enables a seamless data center experience across all your IT resources.


Reduce IT cost and complexity with leading-edge cloud and connectivity services to make your hybrid IT environment a reality today.  

Markley Cloud
AWS Direct Connect
“Markley offers a large variety of services, including flexible Markley Cloud resources on demand and their native, low latency AWS Direct Connect capability.  In our case, we absolutely needed this flexibility to meet the unique resource requirements of our business.”
AndyShoemaker, CEO and founder, NimbusDDOS