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Hosting the Clouds - Survey Results, Part 2

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Chris Kenney

Last week, we took a look at how the feelings of our IT managers have changed when it comes to cloud computing and accepting that public and hybrid solutions are a much better solution than keeping everything in-house and managing it yourself.

With that in mind, we turn to this week’s topic: hosting. Namely, we were interested in how respondents were splitting up hosting in their organizations between internal, colocation and public cloud hosting solutions. Let’s take a look at the results.

(4) We asked respondents to “estimate what percentage of your organization’s computing is internally hosted, co-located, or in the public cloud – now and 3 years from now”

We asked folks what percentage their organization had committed to three areas – internal hosting, colocation and public cloud. First up, 31% of respondents said that anywhere from 1-25% of their computing is internally hosted. 24% said that 26-50% was internally hosted, 14% said 51-75%, 21% said 76-100% and 10% said none.

On the colocation front, 24% said that 1-25% was collocated, 28% said that 26-50% was collocated, 24% responded that 51-75% was collocated, 17% said that 76-100% was collocated and 7% said none.

Lastly, in looking at what percentages were hosted in the public cloud, a whopping 56% of respondents said that 1-25% was in the public cloud, with 7% in the 26-50% range, 3% in the 51-75% group, 3% in the 76-100% group and 31% were not using the public cloud.

Clearly, the IT managers surveyed did not feel that the public cloud was a perfect fit for their needs – at least not in its current form.

blog 2, chart 1








In comparing those results with what these respondents felt the landscape would look like 3 years from now, we see that the amount of computing operations that are hosted internally will fall over the next three years, as indicated by fewer respondents selecting the higher ranges and increasing the 1-25% range.

blog 2, chart 2









In addition, the research shows us that both colocation and the public cloud have become less frightening to IT managers – as seen by the growth of the higher percentage options for each.

So what does the research tell us? What is the takeaway this week?

Unsurprisingly, the takeaway this week is very similar to last week – IT managers have become more trusting of external solutions. Last week we saw their growing support for hybrid models and this week we see colocation and public hosting models gaining ground as fewer and fewer IT managers feel they can manage and afford to go it alone.

Coming up next week, we’ll take a look at the last part of the survey, covering cloud confidence and what systems and applications have been cloud-enabled at respondents’ organizations.