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From the Boston CIO Executive Summit to Costa Rica Courtesy of Markley

Posted by November 12, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
Winter is coming. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape to a tropical paradise as the temperatures drop and days shorten? We think so. This is one reason we are excited to announce our participation at the.
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Why Backup Your Data to Cloud-Based Object Storage?

Posted by October 31, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
Enterprise data backup is a necessity for organizations across industries. Keeping multiple copies of data in multiple places is an IT imperative to avoid having that data lost or destroyed,.
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Join Markley Group at the SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit!

Posted by October 01, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
Markley has been a longtime supporter of SIM Boston – a non-profit that connects regional IT leaders who are passionate about sharing experiences and professional best practices while giving back to.
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Hybrid Cloud: Have it Your Way

Posted by September 05, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
In our most recent blog, we explored the growing trend of workload repatriation from the public cloud. Over the past decade of the cloud-first movement, organizations are learning that the “one cloud.
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A Growing Trend - Workload Repatriation from the Public Cloud

Posted by August 20, 2019 by Timothy Sherbak
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