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Managing your Cloud App Usage – Why it’s Harder than You Think

Posted by February 26, 2014 by Paul Andrews
By Paul Diamond Here at Markley, we take great pride in understanding our customers needs and staying on top of (and providing solutions for) the ever-evolving challenges that enterprise IT, data and.
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Meet the Markley Team: John Fleming

Posted by February 03, 2014 by Paul Andrews
As we continue through our “Meet the Markley Team” blog series, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our longest standing and instrumental team members, John Fleming.
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Painting Us – Making Art out of Employee Portraits

Posted by August 13, 2013 by Paul Andrews
Whenever someone new visits our world-class data center space at One Summer Street in Boston, they are of course impressed by the lengths to which we have gone to create one of the nation’s strongest.
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Why Colo?

Posted by July 19, 2013 by Paul Andrews
When IT decision makers asses their ongoing IT strategy, they often end up reviewing several potential changes – all purported to improve efficiencies, lower costs and make their organization run.
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You Feelin’ Lucky?

Posted by March 15, 2013 by Paul Andrews
This weekend the luckiest day of the year will be upon us: St. Patrick’s Day. A time to dress in lucky green and plaster four-leaf clovers all over in hopes of reserving some of the good luck and.
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