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Multi-Cloud: The Most Bang For Your Buck

Posted by November 15, 2017 by Paul Andrews
There’s been no lack of cloud computing hype in the industry. At all.
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Announcing Supercomputing in the Cloud!

Posted by May 17, 2017 by Paul Andrews
As you may have seen, on Tuesday morning we here at Markley made a major announcement: we launched our new supercomputing-as-a-service solution in partnership with the world’s leading supercomputing.
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What Does 2017 Hold for the Cloud?

Posted by November 16, 2016 by Paul Andrews
Are you ready for the next wave of cloud computing? One of the more intriguing 2017 predictions we’ve seen so far is around the idea that cloud computing will take yet another step forward for.
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Is The Cloud Finally Mainstream?

Posted by October 11, 2016 by Paul Andrews
Enterprises have come a long way in terms of their thinking about the cloud – even in just the past few years. The cloud started off as a vision but is now an accepted part of everyday business life,.
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Why Uptime Should Be a Top Concern When Selecting a Data Center

Posted by August 22, 2016 by Paul Andrews
In today’s world, a company’s data and information needs to be always-on and always-available. But this requires more than just careful planning and monitoring. This “always-on” business imperative.
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