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Markley in the News: Cloud Supercomputing Covered by Several Outlets!

Posted by May 22, 2017 by Chris Kenney
Last week we launched our first-of-its kind supercomputing-as-a-service solution with the world’s leading supercomputer company, Cray. As we were working with them to develop the offering we knew we.
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Announcing Supercomputing in the Cloud!

Posted by May 17, 2017 by Paul Andrews
As you may have seen, on Tuesday morning we here at Markley made a major announcement: we launched our new supercomputing-as-a-service solution in partnership with the world’s leading supercomputing.
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The Cloud & The CIO

Posted by May 02, 2017 by Chris Kenney
While the cloud started off as a vision, it is now an accepted part of everyday business life, being turned to for an enterprise’s most critical, high-value operations. The cloud has certainly had a.
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