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Pulling Back the Curtain on Cloud Security

Posted by April 27, 2015 by Chris Kenney
If you’re an IT manager, you have probably spent countless hours considering how your organization could (and should) be using the cloud to store data and information. But in today’s digital world,.
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Why Big Data Needs the Cloud

Posted by April 23, 2015 by Paul Andrews
We’ve talked here in the past about the growth of cloud adoption among enterprises and how it is enabling new and exciting work to be done by companies across the globe. At the same time, one of the.
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Is Hybrid Cloud Transforming the Storage Industry?

Posted by April 02, 2015 by Paul Andrews
Unless you are living under a rock, the term “cloud” means a lot to you – and if it doesn’t mean a lot to your infrastructure yet – you are at least considering how it should. Reasons for reluctance.
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