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Is Security a More Important Consideration in 2015 than Downtime?

Posted by January 26, 2015 by Paul Andrews
Even as we close out the first month of 2015, industry pundits are still talking about their expectations for 2015. One of the trends that has been inescapable has been that of security and the need.
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Recent Surveys Show No Sign of Slowing Private or Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Posted by January 20, 2015 by Paul Andrews
As we kick off the New Year, it’s not surprising that IT managers, CIOs and business executives are making good on their plans to update data storage systems and cloud infrastructure to support and.
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Make a Resolution to Eliminate Downtime in the New Year

Posted by January 07, 2015 by Paul Andrews
After reading this title, you’re either agreeing with me – as you remember downtime issues you had to deal with in 2014; or you’re one of the lucky ones shaking your head in disbelief that this is.
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