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Internet Traffic and Resulting Data Center Growth

Posted by November 20, 2014 by Adam Burnham
There have been a lot of numbers about internet traffic and information growth shared recently, but they all point to the same thing – internet traffic and the resulting data processed and stored.
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Looking Ahead: What Your IT Department Needs to Plan for in 2015

Posted by November 13, 2014 by Paul Andrews
It may only be November, but anyone in IT knows that now is the time to be thinking about and planning for your data growth – and how you’re infrastructure will accommodate it – in 2015. If you’ve.
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How Important is Connectivity to Hybrid Cloud Environments?

Posted by November 07, 2014 by Paul Andrews
I’ve written many a piece about how 'hybrid' is the correct approach when it comes to cloud adoption – it is extremely accommodating to many business models and resources. If a company can supplement.
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