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Why Your Data Center Needs a Facelift (and Why it’s Hurting Your Business if You Don’t Upgrade)

Posted by June 24, 2014 by Chris Kenney
As all IT managers and CTOs know, technology becomes outdated very quickly. Just consider how often people replace personal mobile devices – whether that’s a smartphone or tablet. You and your.
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Archiving and Storing in the Cloud with Markley Group

Posted by June 19, 2014 by Chris Kenney
By Aaron Patrick Recently, many of our clients and prospects have inquired about how, when, and why to integrate cloud storage into their existing data storage strategy. It’s no secret that moving.
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The Benefits of Co-working Space at Markley Group

Posted by June 05, 2014 by Morgan Woodruff
By Sarah Rocap With the proliferation of software startups, the idea of sharing work space really took hold in the IT community as an easy way to both learn from each other and reduce the cost of.
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