Meet the Markley Team: Patrick Gilmore

By Chris Kenney | October 29, 2013

In this edition of “Meet the Markley Team” we turn the spotlight on one of the newest members of the Markley Group team: Patrick Gilmore.

Patrick is our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and comes to Markley by way of Akamai Technologies, where he spent the last thirteen years, most recently holding the title of network architect. At Akamai, Patrick’s group was responsible for managing peering and capacity for the world’s largest CDN – one that served approximately 20% of all traffic on the internet.

As Markley Group’s CTO, Patrick will be responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of our state-of-the-art technology foundation, while working to ensure that the company consistently remains a leading-edge technology provider. He will draw upon his considerable industry experience to develop strategic plans for Markley in the technology field, including additional product and service offerings and the expansion to additional locations that will help extend Markley’s reach and enhance business continuity for our customers.

Prior to Akamai, Patrick held management and architecture positions at Onyx Networks, Concentric Networks and Priori Networks, working on both national and international backbones. Patrick is currently on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Internet Exchange, the largest internet exchange in the world with no recurring charges, and is on the Board of the London Internet Exchange, one of the largest internet exchanges in the world.

In addition, he formerly served as secretary and Board of Directors member for the North American Network Operators’ Group, the foremost organization for network professionals. He is also the vice chairman and administrator of PeeringDB, the largest and most used database of peering information on the planet.

When Patrick is able to find personal time in between his other responsibilities, he likes to spend it with family, play poker and watch as many sci-fi/action movies as possible.