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Markley Cloud Services Now Includes West Coast Delivery Options to Increase Redundancy and Diversity for the Infrastructure as a Service Platform

Posted on June 03, 2014 by Chris Kenney

New Point-Of-Delivery Enables Clients To Better Meet Growing Network Proximity Requirements

Boston, MA – June 3, 2014 – Markley Cloud Services (MCS) today announced it has improved geographic redundancy and diversity options with the addition of a West Coast point-of-delivery (POD). The new POD amplifies the platform’s flexible, on-demand hybrid cloud computing and storage services, enabling clients to grow their market reach and better meet network proximity requirements.


addition to serving as a back-up and disaster recovery (DR) target for East Coast-based MCS clients, the new POD also enables clients to grow their market reach, better meet network proximity requirements and ensure critical data and applications are stored and backed up in different physical locations. For example, an international client that provides payment authorization services to customers in the United States spreads workloads across East and West Coast MCS PODs with coast-to-coast geographical load-balancing for uniform customer response times. Leveraging MCS, IT departments can now focus on driving innovation in its core business and on managing regulatory compliance, while being able to rapidly expand virtual Data Center (vDC) resources across the country, on-demand, in response to fast growing market needs.

MCS IaaS PODs are strategically located directly in, or in close proximity to, “Carrier Hotels” (i.e., a region’s major mission-critical telecommunications hub), allowing clients the ability to seamlessly integrate with their own enterprise compute, storage and network resources via private fiber optic connections.

In addition to enabling secure fiber optic connections, all MCS PODs nation-wide deliver the following:

  • Dedicated, logically isolated virtual data centers (vDC)
  • Tiered storage—tier 3 archive storage starting at $0.012/GB/month at scale
  • 24 X 7 X 365 on-demand, self-provisioning
  • Full suite of physical/virtual networking and security services
  • Full suite of back-up and disaster recovery (DR) services
  • 24X 7X 365 security/network operations center (S/NOC) support
  • Highly-secure mission-critical data center and telecommunications facilities
  • Industry-leading 100% service level agreement (SLA)

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Continuing to develop and grow our PODs ensures our clients never have to worry about network connectivity, supporting their ongoing success and growth,” said Patrick Gilmore, CTO of MCS. “We understand the importance of aligning our offerings with always-on connectivity and support, regardless of where our client stores or sends their data – virtually or otherwise.”

For more information on MCS and the West Coast POD expansion, please contact