Is Multi-Cloud Still Accelerating? You bet!

Posted by June 07, 2018 by Jeff Flanagan
Over the past year, we’ve discussed multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, and how organizations have been drawn to these models for more flexible cloud deployments that directly meet their needs..
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Cloud Archiving: Using the Cloud to Extend On-Premise Storage

Posted by May 16, 2018 by Jeff Flanagan
Storage, in general, is often an afterthought for far too many companies. Even today, IT managers don’t always understand the criticality of their data, both in terms of what data is actively used,.
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Maximizing Hybrid Cloud ROI

Posted by March 01, 2018 by James Feasey
It’s no secret that businesses are migrating from on-site data centers to the cloud, but determining the specific cloud strategy most beneficial to the enterprise is still very much a work in.
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Cloud Growth Reaches New Heights

Posted by January 12, 2018 by Mark Sullivan
There is no denying the importance cloud computing has played in the digitalization of organizations over the years. And as we enter 2018, the question is no longer when will the cloud take hold, but.
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Why The Cloud Continues To Dominate

Posted by December 13, 2017 by Adam Burnham
2017 may be coming to an end, but one of its biggest trends is definitely not. Cloud computing has continued to dominate as a top business priority throughout the past year, and according to new.
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